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IGotPoolSupplies carries the most popular pool equipment items you need to make your pool your haven. Carrying all the top brands of pool manufacturers you will find factory-fresh replacement pool components, at value pricing thanks to our immense buying power. Installing the best pool equipment will bring peace of mind, knowing your pool will run smoothly and look fantastic season after season.

Pool Pumps: One of the most important pieces of equipment is your pool pump, because without the water being moved through the other parts of the system, things begin to fall apart fast. We understand how important the pumping equipment is to your entire filtration and sanitation system, which is why we create some urgency around orders for new pool pumps or pool pump parts.

Pool Filters: Without a pool filter to remove the millions of visible and invisible particles from your pool water, your pool would quickly become cloudy and soon after turn much worse. The second most important piece of pool equipment is your pool filter – sand, cartridge or D.E. filters. And much like the pump, when the pool filter is not operating correctly, things can go bad fast.

Chemical Feeders & Purifiers: Delivering a constant and consistent flow of sanitizer to your pool water is paramount to maintaining clean and clear water. In The Swim pool sanitation equipment includes tablet chlorinators, feeders and floaters, and salt water chlorine generators. Another important pool hardware category, when chemical feeders or salt cells stop producing chlorine, your other pool filter can’t keep up!

Pool Heaters – Gas, Electric, Solar: For some, a pool heater is considered an optional luxury, while for others they can’t imagine their pool without their favorite equipment for the pool, a gas heater, solar heater or pool heat pump. Many pool owners add pool heaters when the pool is built, but they can be added to the pool system at any time, for longer seasons and more pool use.

Pool Cleaning Equipment: Another possibly optional pool equipment item for some is an automatic pool cleaner. We also have manual pool cleaning tools, but for automatic pool vacuums, pool owners look to the equipment category to shop among robotic cleaners, suction cleaners and pressure pool cleaners. In The Swim pool cleaners could be your pool equipment’s best friend!

Pool products like these continually collect dirt, leaves, bugs and everything else you don’t want in the water, such as algae, bacteria and other germs that can flourish in unfiltered, uncirculated and untreated swimming pools. Even pool components you don’t think much about such as a pool heater and pool cleaner are sometimes essential for pool water that is refreshing, inviting and safe for swimming.